Use a GOOD Anti Virus

But how can anti virus help me to save bandwidth?
Most of the modern day virus and trojans are capable of auto-updating themselves. There are also similat malicious programs which send out data packets without your knowledge. And this will increase the bandwidth usgae and will give you a huge bill. This is where a good anti virus can help. Unfortunately, most of the anti-viruses available today are costly and are not affordable for common man in India. But, we have many good anti virus softwares which are available for free. And, they are as good as the paid ones and some outperforms the paid counterparts.

Here is a list of some free anti virus softwares.

And never use two anti-virus softwares simulatenously. Doing so will not help you much and also they eat up a lot of system resources. Though you can use anti-spywares along with it. And we reccomend to use ananti-spyware along with the anti virus software.

Here is a list of some FREE anti-spyware softwares.

U can also use SPYWARE DOCTOR its an good one, but its not a freeware

So, install these, and update to latest definitions, do a complete system scan. Remove all those infections and notice the change in bandwidth usage and download / upload speed.