Yesterday, Samsung Electronics announced its latest smartphone which is named as Wave 273 which is based on Samsung bada, an open smartphone platform. The model of this latest gadget is GT-S7230E.

The features of this latest smartphone is, it is equipped with a 3.2-inch crystal clear TFT-LCD display screen along with application-centric interface. It has got Social Hub feature that helps to be connected with friends and family in all places at anytime. It has got enhanced feature of Wi-Fi technology that helps in achieving faster downloading speeds and gives access to the users from larger distances. Wave 273 has been designed to deliver the highest quality and performance which is mainly targetted towards the users where they can take get a very good online experience from their smartphone.

This latest smartphone is not just delivers a powerful performance but its looks are indeed beautiful. It's very slim which measures 11.8mm with a metallic back cover which makes this device very sleek and look modern. It comes with a leather flip cover which provides protection to the smartphone as well as a sophisticated flair.

Samsung's Wave 723 smartphones will be available in Germany from the starting of September 2010 and later will be gradually rolled out to other European countries and other markets such as Middle East Asia, Africa and South East Asia.