Hi friends good to see you again. Today i have come up with an new gadget which might help you out.
Dell Inc. which one among the leading manufacturers of the laptops in the world is now come up with their latest technology gadget called as Dell Inspiron Duo. In my previous post i had discussed about the Dell Inspiron M501R and its features and the cost of that gadget. Some days back, Dell unveiled its latest high technology and a very powerful gadget, Dell Inspiron Duo. The major feature of this latest gadget is that, it can be used as a Netbook and at the same time it can be used as an Tablet PC.

Dell Inspiron Duo has got an 10-inch swivel touchscreen display which can be rotated up to 180 degrees backwards and by this Netbook switches to Tablet PC. This processor used in this gadget is Intel's Dual Core Atom N550 processor. It has got an DDR3 (Double Data rate) memory of 2GB. This latest gadget comes with an pre-installed Operating System i.e, Microsoft's Windows 7.

Dell has said that this convertible gadget will be available in the markets later this year. As of now they not given any information regarding the pricing of this latest technology gadget.