According to the researchers from comScore Inc. a new research data was published saying that U.S. web surfers are spending their time in the popular socializing website, Facebook when compared to other sites like Google, Yahoo etc.,

In the month of August, people spent around 41.1 million minutes on Facebook which is about 9.9% of their web surfing minutes for the month. On the other hand, people who spent surfing the Google Inc's websites that includes Google search, Gmail, YouTube, Google news and so on spent only 39.8 million minutes in total which was about 9.6% minutes spent in total. Facebook has just surpassed Google by 0.3%.

In July, Facebook surpassed Yahoo for the first time and now Google thereby putting Facebook at the first place in terms of time spent on browsing. Yahoo is remains at third position where U.S. web users spent 37.7 million minutes on Yahoo Inc. sites which is around 9.1%.

A year back, web surfers spent their browsing time less than 5% on Facebook which was almost same percentage as Google but Yahoo was leading one which was just over 12%.