Nokia Inc. which is the leading mobile seller in the world has now announced its 3 latest model smartphones at Nokia World 2010 at London. These latest smartphones which were unveiled are the E7, C7 & C6-01.

Coming to the features of the E7 handset, this gadget has an 4-inch display screen with touch sensitivity, comes with QWERTY keypad which is well organized in 4 rows, has a got an camera of 8MP(Mega-Pixel) which also has the capability of recording HD (High-Definition) video of 720p, runs on Symbian 3 Operating System, Bluetooth version 3.0. This latest gadget comes in 3 different colors such as Silver White, Orange and dark Gray. On talk time, E7 gives a backup of 9 hours.

Now lets see the features of C7, this latest gadget is equipped with an AMOLED display of 3.5-inches, unlike E7 this one also has an camera of 8MP with 720p HD video recording, runs on Symbian 3 OS, comes with an integrated social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook etc., This could be an perfect gadget for the business owners which might help them to promote their services and products. This gadget can give a backup of 9.5 hours on talk time.

Finally coming to the C6-01 gadget features, comes with an AMOLED display of 3.2-inches with Clear Black functionality that helps in improved outdoor visibility, similar to E7 and C7, C6-01 has also got an 8MP camera that can record HD videos of 720p, runs on Symbian 3 OS. On talk time, C6-01 gives an backup of 11.5 hours.

All 3 gadgets will go on sale in the coming months of this year. While coming to the cost of these gadgets,  
E7 will cost you around 487 Euros approx. $637 exclusive of taxes, 
C7 will cost you around 335 Euros approx. $256 exclusive of taxes and 
C6-01 will cost you around 335 Euros approx. $256 exclusive of taxes.