Acer Inc. which is one among the top netbook manufacturing companies in the world are now working with their latest upcoming project which will be an laptop with dual screen. This latest gadget will have two 15-inch multi touch display screens. Among the two touch screens, the lower one can also display a trackpad and an virtual keyboard. This latest gadget will be powered by an Intel Pentium Core i5 processor mostly a Core i5-580M model which will be having a core speed of 2.67GHz. Acer's dual screen laptop will be run on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. For now, there is no information regarding dual screen laptop that when it will be released, what will be the price of this gadget or whether it will be coming into the market or not.

As the competition among the gadget manufacturing companies are increasing day by day, new trends are being introduced. New technologies, gadgets are becoming very important in our daily lives but we don't know where this will lead us or take to. All we can do is to just wait and watch the show.