We all know that Apple makes iPads, iPods, iPhones, portable media players, TV set-top-boxes, displays and dozen of other things. It has not made any wrist watch but now it has done it. It's been called as the "new iPod nano".

This kind of concept was introduced by LG at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2008. It was an watch phone concept which gave an upswing trend.

This latest gadget from the Apple can switch between a wrist watch and an iPod which can play users audio playlist as well as videos. There is a button which helps in switching the screens from the time screen to player screen. I doubt on the battery backup as the clock will be continuously running and in parallel the songs are played. Definitely the geek fantasy or the Apple lovers will go for this gadget without fail. It could have been even better if they had implemented bluetooth technology instead of plug-in earphones flopping around.