Google Inc. which is the world's largest web service provider are now very much concerned about the providing additional security to their account holders. On Monday, Google Inc. introduced an additional security measure where a six-digit code has to be entered after providing the Google password. The required six-digit code will be sent to the account holders mobile phones respectively. Which makes a two-step login to get into an Google account.

Initially, this additional security measure will be applicable only to government agencies and companies which has be subscribed to the Google services that provides e-mail system and other office applications. This additional security is also applicable to some schools which relies on Google to run their e-mail system.

The free Gmail service that is been provided by company does not come under this additional security for now. But Google is working on the security codes part for the free Gmail service which will become a part of the login process and it will be introduced after few months making the entire Google services to be more secure and making very difficult to hack the system.

According to me this additional security will not be a big deal for the hackers. Only thing is it will be a bit tougher to hack the system.