Samsung Electronics which is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world based in South Korea has said that, it has now launched its latest smartphone Galaxy S in China. This launch was done to catch up with the Nokia who is the global leader in the mobile market.

China is known to be the largest mobile device market with 755 million mobile subscribers across the country. Nokia holds 40% of the shares in the mobile market in China whereas Samsung Electronics holds 25% of the shares. Samsung is now targeting the high income bracket in China by launching their Galaxy S series smartphones.

Galaxy S smartphone was launched in South Korea, Samsung Electronics home place in the month of June. It was almost 7 months later when Apple introduced its iPhone 3 in South Korea.

KT which is a local distributor for Apple in South Korea has sold about 890,000 iPhones so far. From Friday, KT is planning to start selling the latest model of Apple's smartphone iPhone 4 from Friday.