Google Inc. which is the leading and most popular web search engine in the world is now very much concerned complaints received regarding its free e-mail servicing. Google Inc. has now addressed one such complaint which is considered to be the biggest complaint which is about the organization of the inboxes.
Usually in Gmail service,the newest emails are displayed at the top of the inbox which is then followed by the older correspondence. This so called "conversation view" used to frustrate or confuse many Gmail users. Even this kinda system is seen in many email services. Due to this, there were huge number of complaints suggesting Google to revise their Gmail system so that they can disable the "conversation view" and unravel their emails.

Google Inc. has now given people more control on how their inboxes are organized. On Wednesday, this new option was announced which will allow users to organize their inboxes according to their preference. If an user wants his inbox to be arranged according to the chronological order, he can choose the option accordingly or if he wants his e-mails to be threaded together as part of the same e-mail conversation, he can choose accordingly.

In the month end of July, Gmail ended with nearly 186 million worldwide users which is about 22% increase in users when compared to the same time a year ago. On the other hand Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail touched nearly 346 million users worldwide and Yahoo's e-mail touched 202 million users. But Gmail has gained a rapid growth when compared to the other two e-mail services.