It is really a big issue when you are on a important phone call in a noisy places such as in movie theaters, while travelling in bus, in noisy restaurants. But a new technology was unveiled at CeBIT fair on tuesday which was based on "Silent Sounds". This technology transforms the lip movements into a system genrated voice at the other end i.e, the listener who will be on the other end.

KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) have come up with a device which uses electromyography which will monitor the muscular movements that occurs when we speak. After sensing the movements they convert them into electrical pulses which in turn is converted into the speech without uttering a sound.

This new technology will be very helpful whenever a person looses his voice while speaking or allow people to make silent calls without disturbing others, even we can tell our PIN number to a trusted friend or relative without eavesdropping . At the other end, the listener can hear a clear voice. The awesome feature added to this technology is that "it is an instant polyglot" i.e, movements can be immediately transformed into the language of the user's choice. This translation works for languages like English, French & German. But, for the languages like Chinese, different tones can hold many different meanings. This poses problem said Wand. He also said that in five or may be in ten years this will be used in everyday's technology.