Hi pals, i have come up with a very useful & interesting topic, hope you all like this topic a lot.

A new study has revealed that "Broader Smile results in Longer Life". Ernest Abel of Wayne State University in Michigan & fellow researchers had studied 230 photographs of US major league baseball players who had start to play before 1950.

They grouped these photos according to their smiles. They had split the players into 3 categories,

1. no smile - if they were just looking deadpan at the camera.

2. partial smile - if only the muscles around the mouth were involved in their grin.

3. full smile - if the mouth and eyes were smiling and the cheeks were both raised.

Later they had collected all the statistics about the players such as their date of birth, body mass index, marital status & their career length, which will give the physical fitness. Researchers considered the players who had died as of June 1 last year & came to the conclusion that "no smile" category players lived for an average of 72.9 years, "Partial smile" players lived for an average of 75 years & "Full smile" players lived to a ripe old age of 79.9 years.

So, pals if you want to live a long life then keep smiling at a broader level.... :-D