I have a 8GB pen-drive & can hardly transfer 6-7 movies max. For me its a relief that corsair have released a new gadget, the "128GB Corsair Flash Voyager GTR" which will be very helpful for me in transferring data. Whenever i go to my friends house, i can copy loads of stuffs :-D.

This gadget is powered by a six cylinder twin-turbo engine. The best part is its writing speed which is up to 20Mbps & reading speed is up to 34Mbps. This flash drive can save as much as 39,680Mega Pixel JPEG images, MPEG-4 video of 608 minutes which is of 384kbps, 15 fps, or 32,000 mp3s of 128kbps quality . This flash drive is covered in a rugged and water resistant rubber which gives a good protection.