Bluetooth version 3.0 was launched last year, but it did not become popular enough due to the power requirements needed. Hence Bluetooth version 4.0 has been created to overcome this problem.

Today, a group of individuals have announced that a new version of the Bluetooth technology is arrive. They have also announced that the new version i.e, Bluetooth 4.0, will be coming in the last quarter of this year. Latest devices such as headsets, mobile phones and computers and other kinds of technology will be having this latest technology.

Bluetooth 3.0 devices used to require at least a triple A-batteries or larger capacity battery to function. But in this latest technology i.e, Bluetooth 4.0, it will allow devices with smaller batteries to work efficiently.

Bluetooth 4.0 will be consuming lesser power when compared to their preceding versions, and will have a higher data transfer rate. It will carries the high-speed Wi-Fi feature which was introduced with Bluetooth 3.0. That allows the devices to jump onto Wi-Fi 802.11 networks, where data transfer rate is up to 25MPS.