You have to lift lots of heavy weights if you need to build muscle, this is the current gym dogma. But, now a new research has revealed that the muscle building can also be achieved by lifting light weights which will give similar results as of lifting heavy weights. All you have to do is to just pump iron until muscle fatigue is reached. This is the secret behind it.

Stuart Phillips who is a associate professor of Kinesiology and his team mates from McMaster University conducted this new research. He said that they are really convinced regarding this new result which will definitely help people in muscle building by using lighter weights itself. He also added that you can grab light weights rather than grunting and straining to lift heavier weights. They are really excited to see where this new paradigm will lead. People who comprise of skeletal muscle mass such as elderly ones, those recovering from trauma, surgery or even stroke will be benefited by this latest and useful information which will give a practical significance for them.