On Monday, industry-tracker Nielsen Company released its figures regarding smartphones in US market. According to the reports, stats show that smartphones running on Google's Android Operating System are gaining ground in US market. Smartphones which are running on the Android OS surged to 13% of the market. These smartphones has shown the most significant expansion in the market share among the current subscribers.

But on the other hand, Apple's iPhone has been the headline grabber over the last few years in the market. There has been a drop from 27% to 15% in the handsets which runs on Windows Mobile software in the US smartphone market during the same 1 year period. Blackberry smartphones are the most popular handsets in the US market which acquires 35% of the market. Next ones are the iPhones with 28% of the market.

The smartphones which has the capability of data connections like web browsing and e-mail etc., made up 25% of the US smartphone market. Nielsen Company predicted that this would surpass the number of feature phones by the end of 2011.