Apple is been wrestling with a security conundrum from past few months. Now Apple has come up with a patch to fix this problem.

There is a security flaw in the Apple gadgets where the hackers can remotely hack or Jailbreak the iOS, the Operating system of the Apple gadgets such as iPods, iPads and iPhones. Apple has said that they have completed the creation of the patch for this flaw but still it did not said when it will be released publicly.

Jailbreak means hacking the Operating System to download various web applets which is considered to be very difficult. It was shocking for the Apple Inc. when they saw a website called which helped in Jailbreaking the iPhones or iPads. Last week yet another procedure was posted on this website where a user can remotely hack the Operating system of the other users which made the things worsen. The hacker can then gain the complete control of the device. As of now there is now such attacks happened yet. But this is supposed to be considered as a very serious thing where it affects security and privacy issues.