Marcial Ahsayane has now unveiled its latest technology which is supposed to be a new concept of mouse called eVouse Mouse Pen.

This latest gadget has a v-shaped unique design with metallic look with a futuristic green light that illuminates on every movement, it has got action buttons just like the ordinary mouse and has got a scroll. I also think that this gadget is a wireless mouse but not sure about this. Why i am guessing it as an wireless device because i don’t see any wire or chord on the gadget.

eVouse Mouse Pen has all the features or the functionality of an ordinary mouse. What makes this gadget different from the ordinary mouse is, it also acts as a pen sensor which allows the users in all type of designing activities such as illustration, drawing and so on.

As of now, there is no news regarding its availability to the outer world because it still remains a concept of a computer mouse.