Dish Network Corporation is planning to offer the Remote Access application on the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and blackberry devices in the month of September. The above  image which you can see is the product image which is provided by Dish Network which shows an Apple iPad using this feature. The gadgets which runs on Google's Android Operating System will get these services from the month of October.

To avail this service, users or the subscribers will need a special hardware. Sling Media's SlingBox is an option to this which costs from $180 to $300. If the subscribers wishes to upgrade their dish service to HD recorder SlingBox features, they should pay $200 to $400 for the upgradation. For multiple DVR service, subscribers needs to pay $10 a month.

Dish has been making free applets for the Apple's Ipad, iPhones and iPod touch so that the customers can program their DVR's, browse TV shows and also access their gadgets as a remote control.