On Thursday, Google Inc. launched its latest version of Android Operating Android 2.2. This new Operating system includes 10 new voice commands which helps is operating mobile phones without using a keypad.

Google Inc. says that around 0.2 million Android based mobile phones are being sold every day. Not all of the are powered by the latest Android 2.2 OS, which is also known as Froyo.

Nexus One smartphone which is developed by Google already runs of Froyo, but users will have to download the free updates that is available in the Android market.

On the other hand, Motorola released its latest smartphone Droid 2 which went on sale this week. Droid 2 already has the updated version so there is no need for updates.

This latest feature is expected to be added into the HTC Corp.'s Incredible and Evo smartphones when they get Froyo in the coming months.

There is a new tool named "Voice Actions" which lets the users to dictate their e-mails or the text messages. The voice which has been recorded uses the voice recognition technology that will automatically translate the spoken words into text format. Similarly users can make a phone call by just telling the name of the person which is stored in the phone-book. This feature also helps in finding and playing the songs.

Google has said that they made very rigorous testing on this latest voice recognition technology which is turned out to be very accurate. So there is no flaws or misinterpretation in this latest technology. Google is trying to add more and more voice controls that will help the users to transfer the information very easily to their smartphone. Additional to this, Android can process the voice spoken and make internet searches, directions and traffic searches.

Although, there is a competition for the smartphones in the market such as Apple's iPhone, Blackberry's from Research in Motion Limited, Android smartphones are gaining pace.