Hello friends, its nice to see you again with an interesting information.

Say, you have bought an nice bungalow and you are told that there is an secret rooftop deck in it but you have to pay extra to access it. Intel Corp. which is the world's biggest manufacturer of personal computer processors has now come up with the same kinda proposition to their costumers.

In some low end desktop computers, Intel will be including Pentium chips which are better than the advertised one. When costumers buy this product, they can unlock its full power by paying some extra money. Intel Corp. says that this offer will definitely help the people who bought an inexpensive Personal Computers to upgrade their systems through Internet in a very economical manner. This is done because they want to give a very good flexibility to their customers so that they can upgrade their systems without replacing the hardware components.

The main problem with this program is not the costumers, its the PC makers who may not like this because they will be in loss as the customers start upgrading their PC's without replacing the hardware. First Intel has to compromise and please the PC makers so that this program becomes successful and earn some extra revenue.