On Monday, Sprint Nextel Corp. unveiled its latest model of smartphone called "Echo" which has got 2 screens in which one screen is stacked on top of the other screen. You can slide the top screen so that both display screen lay side by side so that the total screen size is almost equals a tablet PC.

Echo smartphone runs on Google's Android Operating System. People can use just one screen or both the screen combined together. They can use both screens combined together to see Google maps or YouTube video clips. You can read e-mails on one screen and use other screen as on-screen keyboard or you can play games which displays on one screen and other screen for controls.

As of now Sprint claims that Echo smartphone gives a talk-time battery backup of around 5.5 hours. They are planning to increase the battery backup time before it goes for sale. It also said that it will provide an extra battery in the box with a device which where both phone and the spare battery can be charged at the same time. Echo smartphone is expected to hit the market in this Spring. The cost of this latest gadget would be $199 with 2 years of contract.