A metallic ball which weighs around 6 kg's i.e, near to 13 pounds fell from sky on a remote grassy land that is situated in Namibia. It looks like an metallic onion :-) This metallic is little big in size and is about 110 centimeter (1.1 meter) in diameter. The authorities who found this piece were baffled and were prompted to contact NASA and other space agency.

Few critics say that this ball might be a left over from Apollo or Gemini program and might belong to Russian space agency. I also think that this might be a part of an early probe that was sent to space and they could be the pressurized propellant reservoirs. If you people know about "Ashburton balls incident" then definitely you will get an idea and can agree to my views. You can do a bit of Googling and let me know your opinions.