I use uTorrent to download files, one of my friend use BitTorrent.

As we have 6 hours of free download per day ( Its a Broadband plan of 500 where 2 A.M to 8 A.M. broadband is free ). We used to put on schedular, in the morning we used to see that it would have downloaded around 1.2 to 1.5 gb in total.

So what we did is, we limited the upload to 1kbps along with the steps where i had mentioned in a post earlier ( How to increase Broadband speed in uTorrent ). Voila! it worked, now we are downloading around 2.0 to 3 gb per day.

Steps to do it:

  • Open your BitTorrent or uTorrent.
  • Right click on the downloading file inside the torrent for which you want to limit the uploading. There you see "Bandwidth Allocation" when the mouse is moved on it, a dropdown will occur next to it. There you see "Set Upload limit", Change it from "Unlimited" to "25kbps".
  • Repeat the above steps, this time you will get option starting from "10kbps". You reduce it from "25kbps" to "10kbps".
  • Again Repeat it till you get an option of "1kbps". Once you set it to "1kbps", there you go. Now you can download files faster as the uploading has been limited to "1kbps".

Hope, this will help you a lot. Happy downloading. :-)

Any tips on broadband or downloading speeds are welcome.