Supermoon - This means that the moon will be the closest to the earth. It will be closest on 19th of March 2011 (One week ahead). It is considered that there might be some natural disasters that can take place due to this like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc..
Today, an earthquake of magnitude 8.9 on Ritcher scale hit North-east Japan. This is the most powerful earthquake that Japan has experienced in at least 140 years from where the recordings were started. Due to this, a tsunami of about 10 meters high was triggered and hit the north-east coast, where the water swept into the city carrying away the cars, people, damaging properties etc.. The death toll has been raised to 40 as of now, but it is expected to rise significantly. Tsunami Alert has been given in New Zealand, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Indonesia and other nearby countries. Tsunami waves are being expected in next few hours.
Only a week left for the super moon to appear. There were Supermoons in the year 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005. According to the scientific laws, they say that the moon affects the earth. In all the Supermoons as mentioned, they had their share of extreme weather conditions. Is this earthquake and tsunami, a natural disaster that is related to Supermoon or is it just a trailer where a big one is yet to come?
But we all know that the moon only causes the difference in the tides but not geological events such as earthquakes, volcanoes and so on. Say if these tides can mingle with other weather conditions then there is a real problem. But as of now, my question is that whether the Supermoon was the reason behind this earthquake and tsunami else is it a trailer of 2012????