Say, you are expecting a call from any of your client which is very very important one or, someones who is in danger needs your help and your phone battery just dies. You get annoyed and this in-fact will end you up in jeopardy / misery. By now many of us would have already experienced it.

To solve this problem, Wysips which is based at France has come up with a new technology where you can charge your mobile phone without an outlet or a power mat. You might be wondering what it is, it is a solar charger. But, everyone knows this but you might be thinking what's new in this. Yes there is a unique thing in this, the charger is built right into the cell phone. Whenever there is light, the photovoltaic cells which are very thin and embedded into the phone starts charging. The photovoltaic film is very very thing, it is just about 100 microns and it is embedded on the top of the display.

Once this technology is implemented i am sure that we all will say bye bye to the big batteries. This prototype is a rough one and they are expecting that the next generation cell phones will use this technology. All we have to do is to wait and watch.