On April 3rd, Apple introduced the world's most popular tablet computer called as iPad. In the first 80 days of its most innovative tablet PC, it reached its three million mark in selling the iPads successfully. The iPads are very thin (0.5-inch thin) and are very light weight (1.5 pounds) gadget. 30th of April, Apple introduced Wi-Fi + 3G version of iPad.

While coming to its features, iPad has got a an LED-backlit IPS display screen of 9.7-inches. With every turn of the gadget, the contents are showed in portrait or landscape view. The viewing angle of the device is wide of about 178° degrees. It multi-touch screen on iPad is some what similar to that of iPhone but the technology has been enhanced to obtain higher accuracy. It has got an battery backup of about 10 hours by web browsing, watching videos or photos, listening to music etc.. If the user is using a 3G network then the battery backup is about 9 hours. Apple iPad comes with an flash storage with an choice of either 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB. The processor used in this gadget is Apple's 1GHz A4 SOC (System On Chip) processor which makes this gadget a power efficient device. There are built-in speakers which makes it a power audio device suitable for watching movies or listening to songs.

The operating system used in the iPads are iOS which is developed by Apple itself. There are many updates released with newly added features. Currently iOS 4.2.1 version has been released where the users can directly upgrade their iOS from Apple site. There are several thousands of applets available in the market that are specifically designed for the iPads.

iPads are really an magical and revolutionary product because all these features has been implemented in a smaller and lighter gadget. It has got 3 sensors in it, first on is the accelerometer, second one is ambient light sensor and last one is the magnetometer.  Some of the applications that comes along with the iPad are Safari, Mail, YouTube, Notes, Photos, App Store, iTunes, iBooks etc..

Few months back there was an issue regarding jail breaking of iPads, which means unauthorized applications that can be run on this gadget. Apple reacted to it very quickly when it came to know about it. It has claims that when the iPad is jail broken, then the warranty is void.

You can visit Apple's official website and get more information's regarding iPads. As of now, iPads are being sold with an starting price of just 499$.