Recently, Pentagon rolled out the prototype of its first-ever programmable smart grenade launcher. This latest technology weapon is a shoulder-fired weapon. This weapon is said to be smart weapon because it uses a microchipped ammunition. It is so intelligent that it can kill the target even if he hides behind the wall or other type of cover. It's an Counter Defilade Target Engagement System which is been called as XM25.

It's size is just like an normal rifle and now being deployed to the US units that are based on the battlefields of Afghanistan fighting the terrorists. The range of this gun is about 700 meters which is very much longer distance compared to other rifles. It can fire air-bursting shells of the size 25mm.  Now this makes an real challenge for the Islamist extremists to face the US troops with more powerful weapon.

Say if an insurgent is hiding behind a wall, the US soldier who has XM25 can use the laser and point at the top of the wall and then program the shell to detonate 1meter beyond the distance.  By this way he can program the weapon accordingly. Army argues that the use of such weaponry will surely decrease the death rate of the civilians when compared to other systems.

The price of this weapon is around $25,000 to $30,000.