Research news: Definitely everyone of us would have seen the spinning silhouette. We used conclude the brain activity depending on the spinning direction of the silhouette. We decide that if the silhouette spins counter-clockwise then we are left-brained person else if the silhouette spins clockwise then we are right-brained person.

Niko Troje, a psychology professor has cracked this puzzle and finally found that this spinning silhouette has nothing to do with the viewer's personality. He said that this spinning direction depends upon the viewer's angle in which he is seeing the image.

He explained about the illusion saying that when the foot which is touching the ground is a left foot, then image looks to spin in clockwise direction when seen from the above. When viewed from the below, then the image looks to spin in counter-clockwise direction. Hence the woman can be perceived as spinning either in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

He took 24 participants for this research where most of participants very ofter used to say that the woman used to spin in the counter-clockwise direction when viewed from above and in clockwise direction when viewed from below. Using these results Niko Troje says that the viewing angle causes the difference in the perception.

He also said that this theory is also applicable to some of other famous illusions like Neckar cubes and so on.

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