Scientists have come up with a new finding telling that people in Central Europe & Great Britain will experience cold winters more often in the next few years.
In these regions, the researchers have discovered a link between low solar activity & unusually low winter temperatures. They have said that it might be possible during the low solar activity, the mild winds which comes from the Atlantic region do not reach Europe in winter. These results do not contradict an anthropogenic climate change, which is causing the temperatures on Earth to increase on average. In this new study, British & German researchers have now compared the British weather records which was took place in the year 1659 with the solar activity & have evaluated them statistically. They made a comparison of the magnetic temperature curve of the Sun with the weather database. By seeing the result they have concluded that after decades of high solar activity & with mild winters, severe winters has become more common in Europe again & when the solar activity is low, Great Britain's average winter temperature is around half a degree lower.
The scientists could not forecast whether the next winter in Central Europe & Great Britain will also be bitterly cold because their results are of a statistical nature & cold winters occur more often only during the low solar activity. In the middle of the Maunder minimum (in 1685), the British weather records document the warmest winter for 350 years.