Researchers from Germany have come up with a new technology where our eyes will guide & control the cars. On friday, Raul Rojas who is an artificial intelligence researcher from Berlin's Free University said that this new technology tracks down the driver's eye movement & steers the car according to the direction where they are looking. At the intersections the car will stop & wait for the guidance given by the driven on which way to proceed. It will scan for the drivers eye for few second, upon the drivers desired direction the car will take turn & proceeds. This team presented the technology packed prototype at an airport in Berlin.
Right now this new technology has been designed to drive the car up to 31mph. Raul Rojas further said that the next step will be to upgrade the technology to drive it up to 60mph. He's next aim is to drive the technology packed car in a city where there will be obstacles & pedestrians are added to this test.
They have added 2 big external emergency buttons which has been placed at the rear of the car. This will allow the people outside to shut down all the systems.