Hello friends, i have come up with an very interesting topic. I hope you all will like this post.
An new study has revealed the link between Cigarette smoking & their IQ. A study which was led by Professor Mark Weiser from Tel Aviv University's Department of Psychiatry and the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital have determined that people who are smokers are likely to have IQ's lower than the people who are non-smokers.
Researchers targeted men who were in the age group of 18 to 21 years in the Israeli army which is the largest ever study done so far. After the study, they have come up with an conclusion that there is an important connection between the number of cigarettes smoked by the young men and their IQ.
They said that smokers have an average IQ of about 94 which lesser when compared to the non-smokers having an average IQ of about 101. Smokers who used to smoke more than a pack a day have even lesser IQ, which is about 90. So, friends what are you thinking?. If you are a smoker will you quit atleast from now onwards?.