Sleek Audio is one of the leading producer of earphones or headphones. They come up with a new product which is called as SA7 Earphone.

This latest product has an advanced improvement in the sound quality as they are made up of military-grade solid aluminum. They have also used carbon fiber composite weave & more over it absorbs shock of around 14,000 Gs as it is protected by silicone. This silicone can absorb these shocks very effectively.

This new earphone looks cool & sexy & moreover, it can be used either wired or wireless. It has so many features in it which includes dual ultra-wide band balanced sonic cannons, adjustable sound signature, titanium hexagonal plate connector, variable equalization system, and replaceable cables. By this, its confirmed that we can use for longer period.

While coming to the pricing of SA7 earphone, for the wired one it will cost you around $350-$400. If you want wireless earphone it will cost you around $450-$500 i.e, $100 extra.