A chinese company named Tongfang have come up with their latest Mobile Internet Device (MID). In China this electronic gadget is known as Android Q5

Tongfang Q5 Android MID's dimension is 120mm x 80.7mm x 9.9mm, which weighs just 209g. This latest gadgets configurations are, it has a touchscreen display which is of  4.8-inch 800 x 480, memory space 4GB, processor speed is 866MHz RK2808, RAM memory of 128 MB. 

Other features include Android Operating System with 720p codec support, a music/video player, it has email support with a web browser, a 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi connectivity, a 3.55mm headset jack, a battery which has the storage capacity of 2200mAh which in turn gives a video playback of around 7 hours or internet surfing & in standby it gives backup up to 89 hours.  

In China Q5 costs 1999 Yuan when converted into US dollars it comes around $293. You can buy this stuff online via Amazon.com.