Prof. Stefan Savage along with his team conducted a research to see what it would take to control an Automatic Control Units (ECU's). They created a hacking software called "CarShark" which can hack to automobile systems located in the vehicle & control the components present inside the car. They used this software & sent some fake packets of data which can attack the automobile's computer system. This was done on both moving vehicles as well as on Stationary vehicles. These researchers exactly wanted to know about how much control they can get from this.

After the research they said that, they can completely disengage the braking systems while driving which makes the driver to stop the vehicle or apply brakes when driver is accelerating which will stop the car suddenly. Apart from brakes, they could also access the engine, cooling, radio system, door locks & instrument panel.

Usually, people used to hack the ECU's to boost the engine performance. But now the conclusion is that, as there are many advancements in the automobile industries with some latest technologies. The risk also has grown to a substantial amounts where hackers in future, may develop a code hack the ECU's which might cause serious safety concerns.