Its been long back that USB 3.0 was introduced, but still many computers don't come with the USB 3.0 support. Now, an latest gadget has been invented so that your system will become compatible with USB 3.0 technology. This latest invention is been called as PCI Express USB 3.0 card.

The best part is this card is that if you are still using your desktop which doesn't support USB 3.0, then there is no need to buy a brand new motherboard which supports USB 3.0. All you have to do is, just purchase this expansion card & install it on your motherboard's PCI Express slot. Already Transcend has released its USB 3.0 expansion card PDU3. This card is available for purchase, you can order it online as well.
But, seriously i don't know how USB 3.0 performs & different from its previous versions. You can try it out & comment here, so that even we will come to know about the performance of USB 3.0