Researchers have come up with a new study which talks about the moral judgments that is carried by the babies who are just 6 months old. In older research on human development, it was stated that human beings start their lives with a "moral blank state". Now the old theory have been contradicted by the new view.

Paul Bloom who is a professor of psychology at the Infant Cognition Center at Yale University in Connecticut, along with his team carried out an research. Three experiments were conducted in total which was done on the babies between 6 to 10 months old.

In the first one, the babies were shown a puppet show featuring wooden shapes with eyes. In the show a red ball attempts to climb a hill and a yellow triangle helps it to make up the hill by pushing it from behind. On the other hand the red ball is forced to go down the hill which pushed by a blue square. puppet show was repeated for at least 6 times after which the babies were asked to choose a character. About 80% of the babies chose the one which helped the red ball to climb.

In the second one, the babies were shown a puppet dog that attempts to open a box which is helped by a teddy bear. Another teddy bear was thwarting the efforts of the first teddy bear by sitting on him. This show was again repeated for around 6 times after which the babies were asked to choose a character. Again the majority of the babies chose the teddy which was helping the dog. 

In the last experiment, a puppet cat playing with a ball which is being accompanied by a helpful rabbit puppet on one side and on the other side they showed an unhelpful rabbit. The helpful rabbit used to return the ball if the cat lost it, on the other hand the unhelpful rabbit used to steal the ball and run away with it. This time 5 month babies were allowed to choose one of the rabbits, & they found that babies chose the helpful rabbit.