Sony have come up with a new type of display which is supposed to be the world's first prototype colour video screen which so flexible & so small that it can be rolled around a pencil.
Sony said that, this prototype display video screen will be presented on Thursday at a conference of Society for Information Display (SID) exhibition which is going to be held in Seattle, US.

This display video screen is made up of an ultra thin flexible material which has been covered flexible Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) semiconductors. It has a very good resistance to degradation & have a very clear display even after rolling & stretching the display screen for more than 1000 times. This screen has the ability to reproduce moving images as well.

According to me, this flexible screen will be the future where it will definitely find its place in mobile gadgets, televisions as of now. It might play a major role in electronic newspapers & magazines as well.