Dell which is supposed to be one of the leading manufacturers of laptops have said that, they will be launching their tablet pc. This latest gadget is been named as Streak & it runs on Google's Android operating system. Dell's Streak will be available for sale in the markets of Britain from June onwards.

Streak is slightly smaller than Apple's iPad & has multi-touch display. It has a 5-inch screen & stands in between smartphones & large screen tablets. After its debut in Britain, it will be available in US later this summer. It supports thousands of Android applications, widgets & games. It also has a high resolution 5 MP camera & 2 GB dedicated storage memory. Streak can run Flash software & also has the capacity to upgrade the flash to Flash 10.1 & to Android 2.2 OS.

Dell did not announce the prices for this device, which connects to the internet through 3G cellular or Wi-Fi networks.