Motorola, earlier released the world's first Android based mobile phone & was considered to be the best Android phone. It was the best competitor for the Apple's iPhone in the market. Google's Android operating system created a revolution. Google partnered with HTC a Taiwan based company & introduced another Android based mobile phone which was called Nexus One. Nexus One had a very speedy processor of 1GHz, sleek physical design & had 3-D interface. But the sales of this phone was very disappointing for them.

After this failure, once again Google & HTC have come up with a new Android mobile phone which is almost similar to its previous one Nexus One but with some improvements in it. This latest mobile phone is named as Droid Incredible.
It has the sense interface in it, which makes the gadget to be very special. Home button allows to see the thumbnail views & also the home screens can be customized that corresponds to particular users or particular time of the day. It has got 8 MP camera, 512Mb of in-built memory, 3.7-inch OLED screen, Android 2.1 OS, also has some widgets like stock chart, twitter & so on.
Droid Incredible runs on Verizon which is the nation's biggest network & has better coverage.

Troy's rating to Droid Incredible is 4.2 out of 5. The price of this latest gizmo is $200 which will also include 2 years of Verizon contract & also has $100 online discount.