Last week, Jaguar revealed its latest supercar model called Jaguar C-X75. This latest car is an primarily a plug-in electric car with much more added performances & power of micro-gas turbines (often called as jet engines). This added power & the performance helps Jaguar C-X75 to be the fastest electric car on the road as of now.
These micro-gas turbines has an revolutionary speed at 80K RPM or 80,000RPM(rotations per minute) and this speed helps in increasing the power or it can also be used to recharge the lithium ion battery which helps in the increase in range(distance covered). Lithium ion battery pack is single floor mounted and delivers 145kW and gives a range up to 110Km. Whenever the battery runs down, we can recharge the battery in 6 hours with the help of a normal household mains.

These micro-gas turbines are very small in size & are relatively cheaper to manufacture. these turbines runs at an fixed & with most efficient RPM in order to recharge lithium ion batteries. By this, efficiency and the performance is increased and the maintanance cost as well as the emissions are lowered. There is no vibrations produced and the noise generated is very less in these turbines because of the jet engine used.

In just 3.4seconds, this 2-seater car reaches 100kmph i.e, 62mph. The top speed achieved is 330kmph (205mph) when the turbines and the batteries are working together. The torque produced with all-wheel drive is 1,600Nm (Newton-metre) or 1,180lb-ft.

This latest supercar Jaguar C-X75 was unveiled in the Paris motor show 2010 which was held in last week. This was just an stage concept and may be this will be never produced and marketed also. But the elements of the design will definitely help and find their way into the future cars that is produced by the Jaguar.