On Tuesday, an electric car in Germany was drove to Berlin from Munich in a single go i.e, without recharging its battery. This became the new world distance record for an everyday vehicle.

The picture you can see at the top is the yellow and purple electric car "A2" that is manufactured by Audi. This car in one stretch completed 372 mile (approx. 600km) distance which finally reached the courtyard of the economy ministry in Berlin. It just took 7 hours to reach the Berlin from Munich. Rainer Bruederle, the Economy Minister welcomed the team and took a spin in the car around the courtyard. Mirko Hannemann, who drove the car from Munich to Berlin stepped out to show off the battery of the A2 where he told to the journalists that if anybody wants their iPhones to be recharged, there is some electricity left in the car. The government has aimed to have atleast 1 million cars on road by the year 2020. But this is a very slow start from them and have to shoot up in order to catch up with their Asian rivals.

World's leading car manufacturing company, BMW has announced that it will be launching its first vehicle in 2013. Even the Europe's largest car manufacturing company, Volkswagen also has announced that it will launch its first car in the year 2013. On the other hand Japan based car manufacturing company, Nissan has already started mass production of its electric car "Leaf" and soon it will be on sale in Japan and US.