Now, people can deposit their checks to PayPal. This is done by just scanning their PayPal checks with the cameras which are in-built in the iPhones and use the PayPal application to deposit their checks. This was new feature was successfully introduced on Friday.

Apple Inc. recently released its iPhone 2.7 application in which this mobile check capture application was an added feature. This latest application can be availed at the iTunes website that is being run by Apple or it can also downloaded from

After the introduction of this latest feature, in just 36 hours more than $100,000 worth of checks were deposited to the PayPal by using this Mobile Check Capture feature. PayPal Mobile senior director Laura Chambers wrote in a blog that he thinks there are many people who are waiting for this feature so that they can easily deposit their checks to PayPal. This feature will definitely be a success because of the demand from the customers to have an easy, quicker way to deal with the checks.