An HD Camera and an iPhone were sent into the upper stratosphere successfully by a father and young son. HD camera recorded the flight of about 19 miles high in the air.

Luke Grissbuhler and his young son Max sent an weather balloon where this HD camera and the iPhone was attached to it. The weather balloon that was launched complied to all the standards that has been set by the FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration) as it was expected that it would go up to 30,000-40,000 feet. Survive glacial temperatures, possible splashdown in water and high winds were the major considerations before choosing the weather balloon.

Before this major experiment they made an low-altitude testing. After its success, they took their balloon to a park in Newburgh, New York. Newburgh is an sparsely populated area and this place has an party house that sells helium, so they chose this place. They used chemical hand-warming packets so that the HD camera and the iPhone were protected from sub-zero temperatures.

They made an capsule to place the HD Camera and iPhone in position. The material used was a simple disposable takeout food container where the interior was insulated by using a spry-on insulator. One of Luke Grissbuhler friend helped them by lending an iPhone for the experiment. The iPhone was loaded with a free GPS tracking application called InstaMapper where they can easily track where the balloon is.

After the launch, Balloon climbed at a speed of 25fps (Feet per second) and was climbing for 70 minutes. It reached an altitude of about 100,000 feet and then it bursted. The capsule was equipped with a small parachute where it descended after the blast. About 30 miles away from the launch site, the capsule landed safely. The father and the son spent rest of the day in searching the capsule with the help of GPS system. Finally, they found it atop a large tree where they retrieved the HD Camera and the iPhone. Footage of about 100 minutes was recorded by this HD Camera. The recorded video was launched on "Vimeo" which is a video sharing website and more than a million viewers have watched this footage.