Hi, I have got a nice information to share with you. All of us use computers or laptops and sometimes we get frustrated to see our PC taking a start-up time of 25 seconds or above. This is because of the BIOS which has not changed that much from past 25 years.

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a software that is used in the computer system to boot up and load the Operating system. In 1979, IBM introduced BIOS for the PC's and is still widely used in all the PC's across the globe.

Now, a new software has come that will be replaced with the conventional PC BIOS and is called as UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). The boot up time taken by the PC's is just in matter of seconds. According to BBC news, in 2011 UEFI will dominate the latest PC's.

Originally, Intel corp. developed the EFI specification which has now evolved in to a standard and is been called as UEFI. It is a non-profit organization and their main goal is to replace to 25 year old conventional BIOS with UEFI and make the systems to boot up faster.

Report says that some of the PC manufacturing companies have already adopted this UEFI to see the results. Thousands of PC and servers have swapped BIOS for UEFI and have benefited by UEFI.