SiGNa Chemistry Inc. which is based at New York City is now claiming that they have developed electric bicycles and many other electric applications that has the most energy dense power solution.

A cartridge has been developed by the company which contains Sodium Silicide which is a metal powder that is stable. When this metal powder comes in contact with any kind of water i.e., polluted water or sea water or even urine, Hydrogen is produced instantly. This produced Hydrogen is then converted into electricity. SiGNa Chemistry Inc. says that such single cartridge can used to power an electric bicycle where the bicycle without pedaling has a range of up to 60miles.

At the Interbike International Trade Expo which was held last month at Las Vegas, this company demonstrated their power system named "range extender". This system is very much compatible with almost all models of electric bicycles. The fuel cells weigh only 1.5 pounds and they are re-usable. Because of this, when cyclists are on long rides and if they have more than one, they can easily replace these fuel cells thereby eliminating the recharging process in the middle of the journey.

These cartridges have greater energy density and can produce an continuous energy of up to 200Watts. The emission of the bicycle is just water vapor and Sodium silicate which is completely a safer bi-product of the Sodium Silicide used in the cartridge. Hence the hydrogen system is completely safe and eco-friendly.

Apart from the electric bicycle, the company is planning to serve for other applications such as generators, golf carts, consumer electronics, lawn mowers and other electric application which uses power in the range of 1W to 1KW.

As of now, SiGNa Chemistry Inc. did not talk about the pricing of these cartridges. It has said that the company has started to take pre-orders for the cartridges. By next summer, they are planning to release the product commercially.