Two days earlier to this, South Korea based Samsung Inc., announced that it would start selling its tablet PC "Galaxy tab" in US from 11th of November this year. The price of Samsung Galaxy tab would be $600 and it will be running on Google's Android OS.

On Friday, Hewlett-Packard launched its tablet computer which is run on Windows Operating System. Right now, HP's tablet PC is the latest entry in the tablet computers market and is mainly aimed at the professionals as it has the ability to handle spreadsheets, documents and other applications from Microsoft. It is called as HP Slate 500.

HP Slate 500 has an 8.9-inch display screen i.e, 22.6cms and is slightly smaller than the Apple Inc.'s iPad. The weight of this gadgets is just 1.5 pounds i.e, about 0.68 kilo-grams. It has got 2 camera's in it - one for stills and another for video, has got USB (Universal Serial Bus) port where users can connect a mouse, keyboard or printer to it. This gadget offers the connectivity for Wi-Fi but doesn't have 3G cellular access. The battery backup for this device is about 5 hours. It runs on Microsoft's Windows 7 OS.

Coming to the cost of this latest gadget, Slate 500 will cost $800 which is almost same price as the Apple Inc.'s iPad.