Just want to share with you guys, I received an forwarded email.. SIT back, relax and enjoy!
1. When you are just two of the unknown, squeaking his shoulders! Then you pretend to look elsewhere ..
2. Make a face in pain while holding your head and shout "Dam, all quiet!" ..
3. Pictures of each person in the lift ..
4. Place a package in the upper lift, if there is a sign, ask what they hear typing ... tik ... tik ...
5. You pretend to be air hostess! Demonstrate safety procedures in the aircraft .. Very long tips, click here to continue reading .. 

6. When the doors close, have an announcement to all people. "Remain calm, do not panic, AEC bukak die back again!" ..
7. Open your purse, while looking into the bag, ask "is not enough oxygen there, Kat?" ..
8. Shut up and do not move at all in the angle of the lift, facing the wall, do not ever come out ..
9. Listen to the voice of the wall lift with the stethoscope ..
10. Make a line on the floor around you using chalk, and told "This is the area I" ..