Apple had introduced its smartphone popularly known as iPhone in 2007. This smartphone was very successful in the markets globally. In this 3 years Apple has sold more than 50 million iPhones. Now Apple has launched its latest smartphone which is called as iPhone 4. There is a very huge demand in the markets, Apple has received around 6lakh orders in just a single day in last week which is considered to be a record. Due to this huge demands, US & France have dropped the iPhone 4 early orders. iPhone 4 will be available in 18 countries now & in August, 24 more countries will be added in the sales list.

Apple has given some suggestions on the gripping of this latest gadget. People should not grip their iPhone at the silver edges of the hand set because that silver part are the antenna system which helps in strengthening the telecom service signals. This is located at the lower left corner of the iPhone. You can also fix this problem by taking care of holding position while handling the device or by encasing this smartphone with a rubber bumper frames. This frames are available with the Apple itself, you can buy this for just $30.