Recently, Horizon introduced their latest gadget which is been called as MiniPAK gadget charger. MiniPAK gadget charger is a charging device which makes use of hydrogen fuel cells to charge the gadgets. This latest gadget charger is the first device in the industry that is making use of a portable hydrogen fuel cells. In cost wise, this product is very economical & is expected to serve better when compared to other charging devices.

MiniPAK gadget charger powers up the mobile phones & its equivalent devices. This product is very handy & very compatible along with efficiency. It has the capacity of providing 1.5 - 2Watts of continuous power & the hydrogen fuel cells can produce energy of up to 12Watt-hours. This power  can be generated through a standard USB port which is been in-built into the charging gadget. Thus USB can also connect tablet pc's, iPhone, Blackberry & other similar devices.

While coming to the price of this gadget, Horizon's MiniPAK gadget charger costs $100 in the market.